SNOOZE - WiFi White Noise Machine (with night light)


Introducing the SNOOZE WiFi White Noise Machine: Your Ultimate Nursery Companion!

Experience the ultimate in convenience with our SNOOZE white noise machine and nursery nightlight, app controlled right from your phone.

No more late-night tiptoeing to adjust the volume while your little one slumbers peacefully. With SNOOZE, you're in control, effortlessly fine-tuning the sound to perfection with just a tap on your device.

Whether it's a noisy toddler or the hustle and bustle of the outside world disrupting your baby's nap, SNOOZE has your back. Easily amplify the soothing sounds to drown out any disturbances, allowing your little one to continue their peaceful slumber.

With a rich selection of sound options (34 to choose from!) at your fingertips, you'll find the perfect ambiance for your nursery. This is especially vital if you're sharing a room with your baby, ensuring that everyone gets the sleep they deserve.


SNOOZE offers a spectrum of colours to choose from, but we highly recommend the calming red hue. It's not just visually pleasing; it's also designed to minimise disruption to melatonin secretion, promoting healthier sleep for you and your baby.  

Adjusting the brightness is a breeze with the touch function, too. Go brighter for those late-night diaper changes and dimmer for those quiet, sleepy feeding sessions or quick dummy runs.


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