LACTATION GOODIES - contain ingredients that have galactagogues properties which naturally help increase a breastfeeding mum’s milk supply. Phytoestrogens also help balance the hormones involved in lactation.

Recommendations and Results - We recommend taking 2-3 cookies on the first day. Some mothers notice an increase over night and others may take a couple of days to see/ feel a difference. Remember each “mumma bear” is unique and made-up differently so we can not guarantee an increase in milk supply. The cookies are designed as a additional supplement to assist and help boost your already established breastfeeding routine.

If your older children, hubby, partner can’t keep there hands off the deliciousness, don’t worry they will not start producing milk and can be eaten as a nutritious cookie. Although if you want to keep them all to yourself you could say that they may end up with wet patches.

If you are having trouble with your breastfeeding, low milk supply and in any doubt please contact your midwife, GP or lactation consultant.

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