MagicPatch - Itch Relief Patches




The world's #1 all-natural, non-spray, non-chemical magical relief from itches and bites for you and your family.

This is a pack of pure magic. A scientifically engineered Grid-Relief Technology that uses a mechanical action to create a micro lift in the skin, helping drain the lymphatic system to release biochemicals that cause the itch sensation.

Put one on and it lasts for up to 7 days.



  • Pack of 27 patches include 9x Pink, 9 x Blue, 9 x Olive
  • Our Itch Relief Patches contain no chemicals. They work kinesthetically!
  • Using our Grid-Relief Technology, our Itch Relief patches mechanically lift the skin (no chemicals) to drain the lymphatic system which has been injected by the mosquito's saliva that causes the itch.
  • Our Itch Relief Patches will start working in 30-60 seconds to relieve the itch, and can last for up to 7 days (and are completely waterproof)


What happens if my child has multiple bites?

If your little one is dealing with multiple bug bites, they'll need immediate & long-lasting relief for all areas. And while creams and sprays can work at first, they're short-lived, can make a mess, and leave clothes stained.

Fortunately, Magic Patches can cover multiple bites (one patch per mosquito bite), provide relief for as long as they stay on the skin (up to 7 days) and stay effective even in water -- all without any mess or harsh chemicals!


Why do we react badly to mosquito bites?

The saliva in a mosquito bite can be an irritant to children with sensitive skin or allergies.

Fortunately, Magic Patch's unique grid system will mechanically drain the saliva from bug bites, reducing itching, reactions, and sensitivity all in one go.


My child scratches their bites so much...

The urge to scratch a mosquito bite can be overwhelming, especially for children. Take it too far, and a simple bite can become a deep scratchs or even an infection.

Fortunately, Magic Patches plaster over the bite, providing a physical barrier that limits scratching. Meanwhile, the patch itself drains the insect saliva - reducing the trigger behind itching at its root cause.


A non-chemical solution

Kids nowadays face more chemicals, artificual ingredients, and pollutants than ever. Most itch relief solutions will just add to the problem by exposing your child to even more unnatural ingredients and chemicals.

Fortunately, unlike most other itch relief solutions, Magic Patch uses a mechanical release method that drains insect saliva from bites -- providing natural and drug-free relief from itching.

Made with your kids in mind. Safe to use anywhere on the skin. No creams, no chemicals, just natural itch relief from mosquito and insect bites. A perfect option for sensitive skin.


Information taken directly from The Natural Patch Co website

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