Sleep Trainer With Nightlight - Davy The Dog - Zazu


Does your child wake up very early in the morning? Meet Davy...

Davy closes his eyes when at bedtime and opens them in the morning when it’s OK to get up. The nightlight changes colour like a traffic light, to denote night, early morning and OK to get up.

Red- time to sleep: Davy’s eyes are closed and his nightlight is red. This means it is night-time and you need to get some more sleep.

Orange- just a little longer! Davy’s eyes are closed but the nightlight is orange, meaning it is not much longer now. Twelve little stars disappear one by one, counting down the remaining 30 minutes.

Green- OK to get upDavy’s eyes are open and the nightlight has turned green. It is OK to get up, you can now leave your room.


  • Nap timer -Set Davy to go to sleep for a specific amount of time : 3-180 minutes. Very convenient for an afternoon nap that does not always start at the same time.
  • Colour changing display. The LCD screen changes colour to denote morning or night.
  • Analogue and digital time. Easy for children to learn and understand.
  • Davy can also be used as alarm clock for older children, who need to wake-up for school. The sound alarm is set seperately from the sleeptraining function.
  • Adjustable brightness & auto shut-off. Dimmable nightlight can stay lit continuously or switch off after 5, 15 or 30 minutes.
  • Davy’s red nightlight can stay lit the entire night or switch off automatically. The brightness of the screen is fully adjustable.