Lavender Gift Box


The humble miraculous Lavender

This cute box encloses the three products wrapped snugly in wood wool. A sprig of lavender is also enclosed making it the perfect gift for lavender lovers.

Lavender SprayThis multi-purpose spray is a pure hydrosol – a combination of tiny particles of essential oil suspended in distilled water. It is made by driving steam through just harvested Pacific Blue lavender. It has a light fragrance and although commonly used as a room or linen spray, it has many more benefits. It is antibacterial so can be used on cuts or abrasions, as a sleep aid, a facial toner, a bug deterrent and it comes recommended as a gentle and natural surface cleaner which can be used on stainless steel and windows.

Sleep SprayThe sleep spray has a greater oil concentration than the lavender spray so the fragrance is warmer and richer. Lavender has a proven soporific effect and can aid quicker and more restful sleep. Shake the bottle and immediately spray the fine mist onto your pillow. You will be left with a comforting and calming scent. The sleep spray can also be used as a room spray.

Essential Oil: This essential oil is made by distilling the buds and flowers from our Pacific Blue (lavandula angustifolia) plants. The lavender is grown on our property and is hand picked by our family and friends each year. It is 100% pure oil, nothing is added. Our essential oil was described by the New Zealand Growers Association (NZLGA) as a warm and mellow oil which will continue to improve with age.

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